We are the UK’s biggest mixed youth organisation.

We change lives by offering 6- to 25-year-olds fun and challenging activities, unique experiences, everyday adventure and the chance to help others so that we make a positive impact in communities.

Scouts helps children and young adults reach their full potential. Scouts develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment. We help young people to get jobs, save lives and even change the world.

There are over 500,000 Scouts in the UK alone!

Scouts take part in activities as diverse as kayaking, abseiling, expeditions overseas, photography, climbing and zorbing. As a Scout you can learn survival skills, first aid, computer programming, or even how to fly a plane. There’s something for every young person. It’s a great way to have fun, make friends, get outdoors, express your creativity and experience the wider world.

Prestwich, Radcliffe and Whitefield Scout district operates in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury . We currently have 8 Groups spanning across 3 towns and 3 ESU’s.

We are proud to have a dedicated team of adult volunteers which work hard week in week out to provide action and adventure to our local young people

PRaWs District

Our district was formed in 2014 when the scouting districts of Prestwich & Whitefield District and Radcliffe district merged together.

We currently maintain 8 groups and 3 ESU’s , More information about our groups can be found here!

We are a small but warm and friendly district with a real passion for providing action and adventure to the young people of Prestwich, Radcliffe and Whitefield .

GMN Scout County

Our district is one of 6 districts which combine to make Greater Manchester North Scout County . Which is currently lead by our County Commissioner , Cathy Ward .

The other districts in our county are

Bury and Ramsbottom

Oldham Borough


Bolton South with Farnworth

Bolton Moorland