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District HQ Terms and Conditions


1. Hirers confine themselves to the rooms and facilities stated in the booking during the period of hire. Any need for additional accommodation, equipment or activities must be agreed with the booking manager prior to use.


2. The hirer is responsible for the safety of all persons attending the event. A full risk assessment should be carried out for the premises, grounds and activities being undertaken. The hirer should ensure that they have appropriate insurance for the activities and qualified staff to run them.


3. Hirers should make themselves familiar with the location of all fire exits in the building.


4. The hirer is responsible for the security of the building ensuring the front doors are locked when activities are taking place at the back of the building.


5. The PRaW Scout District cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or losses from vehicles parked within the car park areas, or equipment on or off the premises. Vehicles must not be parked on the grass area.


6. The car park is for the hirer and staff only


7. The hirer will ensure good conduct and order is maintained whilst using and leaving the premises or grounds. No activities which may harm the reputation of the scout movement are to be engaged in.


8. All accidents, breakages and incidents must be reported to the booking manager as soon as possible and not more than 24 hours following the period of hire.


9. The council do not provide a refuse service for the building; therefore, we ask hirers to re- move all their waste, rubbish bags are provided in the kitchen. A charge of £100 plus time charges will be made to dispose of any rubbish left.


10. The hirer is responsible for leaving the rooms used in a tidy state; returning tables and chairs back to where they belong or came from; empty all waste bins; turn off all lights, taps, gas and electrical appliances used, turn all heating off. Please do not leave any food in the fridges or freezers at the end of your hire contract.


11. The hirer is responsible for security, locking all exit door and windows at night and on vacating the building.


12. Do not use any blue tack or similar on the walls. If presentation or similar material is needed to be displayed, please contact the bookings manager to arrange for whiteboards.


(c) Alan Sharkey 2021